Stubborn Is…As Stubborn Does

Stubborn is…as Stubborn Does by Carol Johnson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“It is interesting to me how many people talk about their child’s stubborn behavior as if it was part and parcel with having Down syndrome. It isn’t. There are many people who are stubborn who do not have DS. In fact, in some situations, being stubborn is seen as a positive trait.”

“Think about it. If you were in a situation where you did not understand what was going on around you and people were trying to get you to do something you were unsure of, what would you do?”

“How can we change the pattern?”

Carol Johnson answers this question in an article she wrote on this topic.   While it was written from the standpoint of a child with Down Syndrome, many of her questions to consider would apply regardless of disability.  You can find it here Stubborn Is As Stubborn Does or


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