The therapy groups, websites, and resources listed here have been used and most frequently recommended by LifeLine families through the years.  LifeLine may not support the philosophies or views of every single website or therapist.  They are listed here simply as a resource and families/professionals/educators need to evaluate the abilities and services of each therapist/therapy organization.  This page and these sites are not to be construed as diagnosis or treatment of any disease or disorder. It exists purely as a service to help families get started in their search for information and resources.  This is not an exhaustive list.
As you choose therapists and make decisions about private therapies vs. school based therapies, keep in mind the differences between the various types of services.  There are differences between developmental therapies and rehabilitative therapies. Developmental therapies will support the gaining of skill not previously held while rehabilitative therapies will only support the regaining of skills already mastered and lost through illness or injury. Private therapies (paid for by your insurance, Medicaid, waiver services, or private pay) are more global therapies, supporting the development/rehabilitation of an individual so that they are prepared to navigate their home, community, school, and environment.  School based therapies only support the development or rehabilitation of those skills that are directly related to educational access.

Speech & Language Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy
Article: Medical vs. Educational Models of Physical Therapy

Feeding/Swallowing Therapy

Audiology/Hearing Therapy

Vision Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy (Many occupational therapists can address some level of sensory issues.  However, there are some therapists who choose to specialize in sensory integration.)

Behavior Therapy

Neurofeedback Training/Therapy

  • Healing Minds, Christy Tittsworth, APRN, CPNP, PMHS, ctittsworth@ Neurofeedback is combined with positive lifestyle management, developmental guidance, and complex care coordination in chronic conditions (physical and mental) to improve quality of life and decrease health care associated costs.

Behavior – Counseling/Psychology/Psychiatry

  • Dr. Karen Weigle, Clinical Psychologist, Chattanooga Autism Center, Chattanooga, TN.  423-531-6961.  All ages, child through adult. has experience with all ages, child through adult.  The Chattanooga Autism Center typically has a wait list of  several months.
  • Dr. Kenneth Pittman, Psychiatrist, Agape Youth Behavioral Health, Chattanooga, TN 423-443-3336     All ages, child through teens.  Typical wait list a couple of months.
  • Matt McUmber, Pediatric and Adult Trauma & Addictions Counselor, & Dr. Denise Godwin, Med Management,  Vitalis Behavioral Health, Ft. Oglethorpe, GA 706-841-0500  Primarily 5-21.  Limited insurance panels as they recently opened.  Call for details.
  • Dr. William McGee, Pediatric & Developmental Psychologist,  Henegar/CBI Counseling and Assessment Center, Chattanooga,  TN  423-756-2894  Serves all ages.
  • Dr. William Hilner, Relationship Therapy Center, 7802 Jarnigan Road, Chattanooga, TN  423-892-5462 Serves all ages.

Hippotherapy (Horseback Riding Therapy and/or Therapeutic Horseback Riding)

Tutoring/Academic Support

  • Reading Specialist – Leah Moffit Lindsey, Certified in the Orton Gillingham Approach for Dyslexia, Private tutor,, 404-274-0678.
  • Journey Educational Services – Luronda Jennings, Provides academic, behavioral, and social coaching, after school and during summer break, to students of all abilities, specializing in services for students with learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, language impairment, and intellectual disabilities.
  • Learning RX – Cognitive Training
  • New City Fellowship GLAD Program
  • Sylvan Learning – 1800-EDUCATE, teaching study skills, tutoring, reading, writing, math, test prep
  • Honors Learning Center – The Honors philosophy emphasizes the positive by rewarding students for success rather than focusing on failures. Motivation and encouragement are the keys to their success. By eliminating the fear of failure, the Honors builds the necessary foundation of self-confidence to allow each student to be successful in the classroom.
  • Tutor Doctor –   Tutoring that comes to you.  
  • Homeschool Tutoring – 

Recreation Therapy  (These options are not formal therapy, but recreational opportunities that may provide therapeutic support and teach skills.)