Key Elements of Inclusion

“What is Inclusion?The term inclusion implies a certain educational placement philosophy, interdisciplinary team planning approach, instructional method and attitude.”

“Inclusion DOES NOT necessarily mean that a student never leaves the class and is never paired with another student who receives special education services. Rather, it means that the student is truly a member of a class and is valued as much as any other student in that school. Inclusion means that a student will receive the support needed in order to be an active participant, contributor, and learner in his or her class, grade and school.”

“Based on successful inclusive education experiences in Maryland, it is clear that a key element for success is planning and the most significant factor in building an inclusive educational setting is the vision and leadership of the building administrator.”

What else does it take promote educational inclusion?  In an inclusive school, what do students, parents, and staff members believe?  Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Special Education and Early Intervention Services, and Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education prepared a list of 13 elements of inclusion.  Here are the first six:

13 elements of inclusion

1. All students are members of their neighborhood school.

2. All students are assigned to age-appropriate grades in heterogeneous classrooms.

3. Student grouping and regrouping are based upon the individual interests and skills of all students and not only on disability types or labels.

4. Supports and special education services are provided in the classroom and coordinated with ongoing instruction.

5. Related services, (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy) are delivered in general classroom settings and coordinated with ongoing instruction.

6. The provision of supports for students (i.e., instructional, curricular, behavioral) is viewed as a school-wide need.

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