Lisa Mattheiss with daughter Caroline on left and daughter Emily on rightLisa Mattheiss is the parent of a 18 year old daughter, Emily, with multiple disabilities including mobility impairments, multiple diagnoses, discapacidades del desarrollo, y dificultades de aprendizaje. She is also the parent of a typically developing 11 year old daughter, Caroline, who has some nutritional challenges.

Lisa cuenta con más de 20 years of experience working with AWANA Clubs, Sunday School classes, and academic classes. She has served as an AWANA Commander, Directora, Líder, y un amigo para los clubbers con necesidades especiales. Ha impartido clases de escuela dominical y estudios bíblicos para niños y adultos. She has experience serving as a paraprofessional in a Christian School academic environment as well as completing several hundred hours of training since she and her husband Jeff co-founded LifeLine in 2003. Jeff & LisaLisa has been instrumental in the launch and development of multiple church based special needs ministries.

La experiencia personal de Lisa y la educación, así como su experiencia profesional califica singularmente ella para proporcionar formación e información a su liderazgo de la iglesia y el personal a medida que comienza a servir a las familias afectadas por las necesidades especiales.

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