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When you look at your child’s IEP (or IFSP or 504 plan), what do you see? Do you see a cohesive document that reflects your child’s strengths, needs, goals, and supports to accomplish them? Or do you see a pile of papers with a bunch of acronyms that only partially makes sense? If your response is the last one, let us help!


LifeLine offers an IEP consultation to help families learn about their child’s IEP. Call us today for a line-by-line review of your child’s documents. You will receive a thorough explanation of what is in or what is not in your child’s IEP, then we will provide options and ideas for sharing any of your concerns with your IEP team. Do you need help preparing for your next IEP meeting? We do that, too! It all starts with a complete understanding of your child’s document. Empower yourself to be your child’s best advocate! It all begins with understanding your child’s IEP!


LifeLine IEP Consultants serve families with children birth to age 22, regardless of diagnosis (or even if you are still trying to find a diagnosis). Most IEP consultations take at least two hours. We have attempted to keep the fee affordable at only $50 per consultation. Some scholarships may be available for those meeting specific criteria. Please be prepared with your child’s IEP and any other documentation that was used or that you plan to use to develop the IEP. Request an appointment today!




I would like to request an IEP(or 504) Consultation.

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