HCDE’s 3 Year Plan for System Changes in Exceptional Education

HCDE-blk-and-whitePara 15 años LifeLine ha abogado por el cambio de sistemas en nombre de miles de estudiantes del Condado de Hamilton con necesidades especiales,,en,Con la formación del Grupo de Trabajo de Ed Inclusive Chattanooga hace un par de años,,en,nos unimos a muchos otros para documentar las necesidades del condado y ofrecer soluciones para satisfacer esas necesidades,,en,Nuestro sincero agradecimiento a todas las personas,,en,y socios de la comunidad que llevaron este proyecto a este punto,,en,La junta recibió la presentación y esperamos continuar el trabajo que hemos comenzado,,en. With the formation of the Chattanooga Inclusive Ed Working Group a couple of years ago, we joined many others in documenting the needs of the county and offering solutions to meet those needs. El jueves por la tarde, July 19th, 2018, Dr. Cale Horne with Chattanooga Inclusive Ed and Mr. Garfield Adams presented the Group’s 3 year plan for systemic change to the Hamilton County School Board.

Una copia del borrador final de la,,en,plan de año se puede encontrar aquí,,en,HCDE,,ja,Plan de tres años,,en,Borrador final para distribución,,en,La junta recibió la presentación y esperamos continuar el trabajo que hemos comenzado,,en,HCDE,,en,Plan anual para cambios en el sistema de educación excepcional,,en 3 year plan can be found here: HCDE – Three-Year Plan – Final draft for distribution Our sincere gratitude to all of the individuals, familias, and community partners that brought this project to this point. The board received the presentation and we look forward to continuing the work we have begun.

New Local Resource for Learning & Attention Issues!

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Hace unos cuatro años,,en,las organizaciones de nivel nacional que sirven a las familias afectadas por la discapacidad del aprendizaje y los desafíos relacionados colaboraron en un esfuerzo por unir sus conocimientos colectivos en un sitio web. Reconocieron que el,,en,quienes se vieron afectados necesitaron una ubicación central para encontrar recursos.,,en,,,en,nació. A medida que el recurso logró el reconocimiento nacional,,en, 15 las organizaciones de nivel nacional que sirven a las familias afectadas por la discapacidad de aprendizaje y los desafíos relacionados colaboraron en un esfuerzo por unir sus conocimientos colectivos en un sitio web,,en,Reconocieron que el,,en,quienes se vieron afectados necesitaron una ubicación central para encontrar recursos,,en,nació,,en,A medida que el recurso logró el reconocimiento nacional,,en,las familias comenzaron a solicitar grupos locales y recursos de Entendido,,en,También querían oportunidades para conectarse con otras familias,,en,Understood respondió creando un programa local de recursos / extensión local de padres mentores,,en,Fueron llamados Padres Compañeros,,en,fue nombrado Padre Compañero de,,en,Ella está emocionada de poder satisfacer más específicamente las necesidades de los estudiantes,,en,y educadores en el área metropolitana de Chattanooga / Noroeste de Georgia a través de esta oportunidad,,en,A través de la posición de Padre Compañero,,en. They recognized that the 1 en 5 who are affected needed a central location to find resources. was born. As the resource achieved national recognition, families began requesting local groups and resources from Understood. They also wanted opportunities to connect with other families. Understood responded by creating an on-the-ground local resource/outreach program of parent mentors. They were called Parent Fellows.

In March 2018, Lisa Mattheiss, LifeLine’s Executive Director, was appointed Parent Fellow with She is excited to be able to more specifically meet the needs of students, familias, and educators in the metro Chattanooga/Northwest Georgia area through this opportunity. Through the Parent Fellow position, Lisa will be

Looper Speech & Hearing Center

Looper Speech & Hearing Center is a private, not for profit 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization governed by a local voluntary Board of Directors dedicated to meeting the speech, language and hearing needs of our area’s children and adults..

  • Evaluación
  • Terapia
  • Asesoramiento
  • Consulta
  • Hearing & Dispensing

Discurso : Articulation, voice disorders, tartamudeo, aphasia, laryngectomy, tongue-thrust, swallowing, dysarthria, cleft palate, delayed speech/language

Hearing: pure tone, speech reception threshold, speech discrimination, otoacoustoic emission, otoadmittance (impedance), ABR, central auditory test, hearing screening, auditory training.

Speech pathologists help patients develop, or recover, reliable communication skills so patients can fulfill their educational, profesional, and social roles.

1011 Professional Blvd./Dalton, GA 30720/Phone: 706-226-4623


Epilepsy Foundation of East Tennessee

1 en 100 we’re here to help, with free education and support. Epilepsy/seizure disorder = more tan one unproved seizure. About 1 en 100 people in Tennessee have epilepsy/seizure disorders. there are over 20 types of seizures, people with epilepsy must see a neurologist regularly. Seizures are the symptoms of epilepsy, and are caused by brief interruptions or surges in the electrical activity of the brain. 1 en 26 will have epilepsy/seizure disorders at some point in their life Some causes are head injury, infection, fever, brain tumors, or even genetics. Para 70% with epilepsy, NO cause is identified. Epilepsy in (more…)


Catholic Charities – Pregnancy, Immigration, HIV/AIDS, Asesoramiento

Pregnancy Center: Along with providing free pregnancy testing, birth options informational & community referrals, we have added the “Earn While You Learn” Program. Once classes are completed the parents are given “Baby Bucks” to purchase new baby items such as car seats, cribs, diapers, etc, from our Baby Store. Birth to 2 años.

Office of Immigrant Services: Fostering family unity and self-sufficiency of immigrants in our area, this program assists families in navigating the complicated U.S. immigration system & works to connect them with needed resources. CCETN is the only low-cost provider of immigration legal services accredited by the U.S. Bureau of Immigration Appeals in all of East Tennessee.

The Home Place: A residential facility, the Home Place provides a stable, healthy environment and case management services for individuals with limited income who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Therapeutic Counseling and Education: Counseling services by a licensed counselor are available to anyone in need, regardless of religious affiliation. We accept clients on a volunteer basis only and offer a sliding fee scale for those with limited income. We provide counseling to people who are having emotional., behavioral, relational and/or adjustment problems.


Juice Plus Children’s Health Study

Dedicated to improving the state of children’s health and nutrition around the world. como padres, we have our work cut out for us. It’s hard enough to get kids to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables when their taste buds are hardwired to prefer donuts, French fries, and pizza. What is Juice Plus? Juice Plus is a whole food based nutritional product that provides nutrition form 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains- (more…)


Autism Spectrum DIsorders

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) People with Autism Spectrum Disorder may have a range of skills, abilities, and unique communication and behavioral needs. ASD is a developmental disability. It includes these conditions which were once individually diagnosed: Autismo, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. FACT: Youth with ASD are often in the gifted range in many academic subjects. FACT: You can’t SEE an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Possible Traits of ASD: Negative reaction to being touched; repeating words or behaviors; trouble with changes avoidance of eye contact; preferring solitude; strong memory recall; in children, lack of interest in “make-believe” juegos. Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency- Highly-skilled, trained teams of professionals, including Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRCs), offer services that include: Counseling and Guidance, Postsecondary Support; Supported Employment; Work Readiness Training; Job Placement Assistance; Assistive Work Technology; Vocational Training; On-the-job training.


Care Source

Care Source is the first non-profit health care plan chosen to serve Georgia Medicaid and Peach Care for Kids members enrolled in Georgia Families and women enrolled in the Planning for healthy Babies program. Dental and Vision Benefits. Care Source covers two cleanings and exams per year, and x-rays. Simple tooth removal is included. Members also get a yearly eye exam and $75 towards glasses or contacts. Free Job Help: job coaches help with interview practice and resumes, and provide support after you start a new job. Care Source Job Connect also gives (more…)