Department of Health in Tennessee

children’s Special Services.  Embracing special children today for independent children.  The Tennessee Children’s Special Services Program assures appropriate, timely, comprehensive, quality services to children birth to 21 who have or are at-risk for special needs.  The program promotes the well being of children in a manner that is family-centered, culturally sensitive and community based through service coordinators acting as liaisons for children, families and providers–facilitating, collaborating and forming partnerships that are flexible and creative in meeting the unique needs of each child.  Read more…

Rainbow Cleaning System

Rexair – The Vision behind the Rainbow.  Water filters the dirt from the air, returning only clean, fresh, water-washed air into your home.  This purifies the air.  Makes breathing simpler and lessens allergies.  With the latest in sound reduction and micro-filtration technology, the Rainbow E Series runs cleaner and remarkably quieter.  A built-in Hepa Neutralizer helps to dampen the sound of the motor and filters non-wettable material and microscopic particles that may bypass our unique Water Wash System.  

CERTIFIED ASTHMA & ALLERGY FRIENDLY™   Everyone in your family, including those with asthma and allergies, will appreciate the Rainbow® Cleaning System. Independent laboratory testing has scientifically proven:
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Green’s Karate




Learning Rx


Chattanooga East Brain Training & Skills Center | LearningRx

At our brain training center here in Chattanooga East, we have the privilege of providing cognitive skills training to children and adults of all ages. Our programs work on the skills the brain uses to think and remember, and we have served countless families in the Chattanooga area and beyond we’d love to give you a tour of our center and share with you some stories about the life changing impact of LearningRx brain training. We’d love to answer your call or see you in person, but if you prefer to ask questions by email, we can be reached at  Her name is Michelle Hecker Davis.  Read more…




Who will care for my loved one with a disability when I am gone?  What is PLAN of Tennessee?  PLAN of Tennessee is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) agency, like those already operating in twenty-two states, which provides: care for your family member who is disabled.  Continuity of services after family has died or is unable to continue.  A focus on issues that will continue to be important throughout the lifetime of the work, financial resources, social activities, and reliable healthcare.  PLAN TN will: read more… (more…)


Looper Speech & Hearing Center

Looper Speech & Hearing Center is a private, not for profit 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization governed by a local voluntary Board of Directors dedicated to meeting the speech, language and hearing needs of our area’s children and adults..

  • Evaluation
  • Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Consultation
  • Hearing & Dispensing

Speech : Articulation, voice disorders, stuttering, aphasia, laryngectomy, tongue-thrust, swallowing, dysarthria, cleft palate, delayed speech/language

Hearing: pure tone, speech reception threshold, speech discrimination, otoacoustoic emission, otoadmittance (impedance), ABR, central auditory test, hearing screening, auditory training.

Speech pathologists help patients develop, or recover, reliable communication skills so patients can fulfill their educational, vocational, and social roles.

1011 Professional Blvd./Dalton, GA 30720/Phone: 706-226-4623


Epilepsy Foundation of East Tennessee

1 in 100 we’re here to help, with free education and support.  Epilepsy/seizure disorder = more tan one unproved seizure.  About 1 in 100 people in Tennessee have epilepsy/seizure disorders.  there are over 20 types of seizures, people with epilepsy must see a neurologist regularly.  Seizures are the symptoms of epilepsy, and are caused by brief interruptions or surges in the electrical activity of the brain.  1 in 26 will have epilepsy/seizure disorders at some point in their life  Some causes are head injury, infection, fever, brain tumors, or even genetics.  For 70% with epilepsy, NO cause is identified. Epilepsy in    (more…)


Catholic Charities – Pregnancy, Immigration, HIV/AIDS, Counseling

Pregnancy Center: Along with providing free pregnancy testing, birth options informational & community referrals, we have added the “Earn While You Learn” Program.  Once classes are completed the parents are given “Baby Bucks” to purchase new baby items such as car seats, cribs, diapers, etc., from our Baby Store.  Birth to 2 years.

Office of Immigrant Services: Fostering family unity and self-sufficiency of immigrants in our area, this program assists families in navigating the complicated U.S. immigration system & works to connect them with needed resources.  CCETN is the only low-cost provider of immigration legal services accredited by the U.S. Bureau of Immigration Appeals in all of East Tennessee.

The Home Place: A residential facility, the Home Place provides a stable, healthy environment and case management services for individuals with limited income who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Therapeutic Counseling and Education:  Counseling services by a licensed counselor are available to anyone in need, regardless of religious affiliation.  We accept clients on a volunteer basis only and offer a sliding fee scale for those with limited income.  We provide counseling to people who are having emotional., behavioral, relational and/or adjustment problems.