Breakthrough Improving the Lives of Adults with Autism

Transition into adulthood is difficult for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and their families.  The parents of teenagers and adults with ASD have special worries:

  • Now that my child is out of school, are there ASD services available to meet my child’s needs as he/she gets older?
  • Will I have input into the ASD services that my child receives?
  • Will my son/daughter be safe?
  • Will he/she continue to learn new skills and mature socially?
  • Will ASD services staff understand my child’s unique needs?
  • Will my son/daughter be able to get a job?
  • Will my son/daughter actively participate in the community? 
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Eagle Home Care

“Soaring Above the Others”

Family owned and operated in Cleveland, Tennessee we offer private non-medical care in Bradley, Polk, Hamilton, McMinn, Meigs, Rhea & Monroe counties.

We specialize in caring for senior citizens, the disabled, as well as those with chronic disabilities and debilitating illnesses. Caring for a disabled loved one, or someone who can no longer care for themself, can be challenging for a family member who is the caregiver. Respite care is available for caregiver relief. Eagle Home Care is staffed with qualified C.N.A.’s, Homemakers, Sitters, & Personal Care Attendants. We offer flexible hours to meet your needs.


  • Personal Care Services: To provide bath/shower, shampoo of hair, assistance with toileting & ambulation, medication reminders, feeding, etc.  Homemaker: provides light housekeeping, washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, laundry, 
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Hands on Home Safety

Slips & Falls Prevention tips:

  • Brighten the lights
  • Secure the bathroom
  • Guard stairs and steps

Fire & Burn Prevention:

  • Lower the water heater temperature to no higher than 120 degrees F.
  • Put working smoke alarms on every level.
  • Plan and practice a home fire drill at least 2 exits in the home.


Poisoning Preventions:  (more…)


Safe Blogging: Tips for Teens

Be anonymous.  Avoid postings that could help a stranger locate you.  Do not give out your last name, address, phone numbers, sports teams, the town you live in, and where you hang out.  Protect your information.  Check to see if your service has a “friends” list that allows you to decide who can visit your profile or blog.  If so, allow only people you know and trust.  Avoid in-person meetings.  Don’t get together with someone you “meet” in a profile or blog unless you are certain of their actual identity. Talk it over with an adult first.  Although its still nor risk-free, arrange any meetings in a public place and bring along some friends, your parents, or trusted adult.  Read more… (more…)


Parent Mentor Certification

Reaching Families with Special Needs.  LifeLine will be presenting a complete series of workshops over the next year that will equip you to advocate for your child.  These training opportunities will help you better understand special education proceedings and other service delivery systems.  Parent Mentor Certification consists of a minimum number of hours of training provided by STEP, LifeLine, and Vanderbilt’s Volunteer Advocacy Project.  Once you have completed the training, you will attend IEPs and one-on-one meetings with parents alongside a trained mentor until you are prepared to mentor another family through the process.  (more…)


Achieve Learning Center

An intensive language-based early intervention, pre-readiness and kindergarten program.  Serves children with a diversity of language needs in an inclusive comprehensive program with typically developing children.  Our program provides a nurturing learning environment that enhances the child’s development in the following areas: read more… (more…)


Speech-language Pathology

Management of Communication Problems Including: Articulation, voice, Fluency (stuttering), strokes and head injuries, delayed speech and language, neurological diseases, laryngectomy, tongue thrust, oral apraxia, swallowing disorders, accents and dialects.  Read more… (more…)


Sleep Disorders Center

If you experience occasional or frequent problems with sleep, you are not alone. 1/3 of all Americans have  a sleep problem sometime in their lives.  There are more than 80 sleep disorders.  It only takes one to disrupt your life.  The Sleep Disorders Center, located at the Erlanger North Campus, (more…)


P.P.S. Orthotic and Prosthetic Services

Specializing in the custom design and fabrication of orthotic and prosthetic devices.  we are recognized as innovative providers, offering our patients personalized services to meet their functional goals.   Read more… (more…)


Tennesse respite Coalition

Promote respite services in Tennessee, Build the coalition, advocate for respite services.  to promote and support statewide planned and crisis respite services that strengthen and enhance the quality of life for families caring for individuals of all ages with special needs.  Read more… (more…)


Scarab Behavioral Health

Providing compassionate, personalized professional behavioral health services to strengthen children, their families and communities.  Scarab Behavioral Health Services provides customized behavioral health services to children and youth ages 2 through 18 read more… (more…)


Children’s Advocacy Center of Hamilton County

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Hamilton County is dedicated to serving children who are alleged victims of sexual or severe physical abuse through prevention, education, and intervention.  44 children received 308 counseling sessions and non-offending parents/guardians received 300 sessions during the 2009-2010 fiscal year.  Medical Examinations–evidence of abuse must be obtained quickly.  Delays in examining the child may result in lost evidence.  forensic Interviews is a fact-finding, non-leading. and neutral interview of a child who is an alleged victim of abuse. Read more… (more…)


SETHRA Hamilton County Transportation Division

It is the mission of Southeast Tennessee Human Resource Agency to empower families, moving them from dependence to independence, by providing comprehensive services in collaboration with local, state and federal resources.  It is the vision of Southeast Tennessee Human resource Agency to develop programs that respond to emerging needs of Tennessee families and fight the war against poverty.  Read more… (more…)


Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital

Imagine a place…where modern medicine meets nature’s remedies in a Christian setting.  Specially designed health programs have demonstrated remarkable success in Cholesterol, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Weight Control, Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis, Allergies and Smoking. Read More… (more…)


Pediatric Program

Hospice of Chattanooga, Inc.  Pediatric Palliative Care Program cares for any child with a life-threatening illness.  Our focus is on quality of life care for the child and family.  This is achieved through optimal pain and symptom management for the child and emotional support for family care Read more… (more…)


Donate Life

Be an organ, eye and tissue donor.  As a donor, you can save and enhance the lives of more than 50 people.  Donated organs and tissue may include the following: Read more… (more…)