Harvest House Ministry

The Church of Christ that meets at Rossville has a group of dedicated volunteers that goes out 7 days a week to collect truck loads of food donated by local stores, such as Food Lion, BI-LO, Panera Bread, and Sara Lee. Others may be added in the future. Every Thursday morning, starting at about 9:30 al. Leer más…

Kennesaw State University

2-year certificate program designed to offer an inclusive college experiences to students with intellectual disabilities. Appeals to and attracts high school graduates with limitation in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior, whose disability impairs their access to a post-secondary, general education curriculum. Creates a campus atmosphere of understanding and acceptance for people with disabilities. Leer más…

Georgia Student Finance Commission: Loans, Scholarships, grants

Hope Scholarships: students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in college, if a student falls below a 3.0 GPA in college, they may only regain the HOPE Scholarship one time. The HOPE Scholarship will not pay for remedial or developmental courses. The student has received a total of combined payment of 127 semester hours or 190 quarter hours from the HOPE Scholarship, HOPE Grant, and Accel program. The HOPE Scholarship will pay: at an eligible public postsecondary institution, for FY2012, a percentage amount of standard tuition charges from the previous year. In subsequent years, the award amount will be a percentage of the immediately preceding year’s HOPE Award Amount, At an eligible private post-secondary institution, a percentage fo the HOPE award amount of private colleges. Rigor Requirements: For students graduating on or after May 1, 2015, they must pass 2 courses from the following types of courses: Advanced Math, Advanced Science, Advanced Placement (usted), International Baccalaureate in core subjects; core subjects taken at a University System of GA (USG) Institution, Advanced Foreign Language. For students graduating on or after May 1, 2017, they must pass 4 courses.


Lookout Medical Services

We offer a wide range f services and product to take care of your respiratory needs. CPAP/Bi-PAP, Aerosol nebulizers, suction machines, liquid oxygen, pulse oximetry, 24-hour emergency service, respiratory medications, portable oxygen systems, portable concentrators, Home Medical Equipment: Leer más… (more…)


Nami Chattanooga: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Someone you love has a mental illness. Meet NAMI Chattanooga we advocate improving and expanding services and facilities. We find new ways to bring families, amigos, consumers and providers closer together by sharing insights and techniues that help us. We monitor federal, state and local legislation to improve laws and services for the mentally ill. We advocate for improved treatment rehabilitation services and community support fro persons with mental illness. We welcome parents, relatives, amigos, professionals and consumers to share the challenge of living with mental illness. Leer más… (more…)


Primary Health Care Center



Breakthrough Improving the lives of adults with autism

Transition into adulthood is difficult for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and their families. The parents of teenagers and adults with ASD have special worries: Now that my child is out of school, are there ASD services available to meet my child’s needs as he/she gets older? Will I have input into the ASD services that my child receives? Will my son/daughter be safe? Will he/she continue to learn new skills and mature socially? Will ASD services staff understand my child’s unique needs? Will my son/daughter be able to get a job? Leer más… (more…)


Parte superior 60 soft skills at work

1. Matemáticas. 2. Safety. 3. Courtesy. 4. Honesty. 5. Grammar. 6. reliability 7. flexibility. 8. team skills, eye contact, cooperation, adaptability, follow rules, self-directed, good attitude, writing skills, driver’s license, dependability, advanced math, self-supervising, good references, being drug free, good attendance, personal energy, work experience, ability to measure, personal integrity, good work history, positive work ethic, interpersonal skills, motivational skills, valuing education, personal chemistry, willingness to learn, common sense, critical thinking skills, knowledge of fractions, reporting to work on time, use of rulers and calculators, good personal appearance, read more… (more…)


Eagle Home Care

“Soaring Above the Others” personal Care Services: To provide bath/shower, shampoo of hair, assistance with toileting & ambulation, recordatorios de medicamentos, feeding, etc. Homemaker: provides light housekeeping, washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, laundry, read more… (more…)



When children are not able to stay safely in their own homes and there a relative who can care for them, they often have to come into state custody.

The departments first goal for children is to work toward a safe return home to their families.

Foster parents provide nurturing and supportive homes in which the children’s emotional, physical and social needs can be met, while issues and concerns in the immediate family can be addressed.

Some children in foster care can be placed with relatives, who receive the same support as non-relative caregivers and must meet the same criteria to become an approved Foster Home.

En Tennessee, there are also approved private agencies that, in partnership with DCS, train and support families to care for children in foster care and specialized foster homes that serve children who have extraordinary medical needs that require special attention.

Tennessee places a strong emphasis on keeping children in a family-like setting and DCS strives to keep siblings together. Our staff also does everything it can to keep kids as close to their home communities as possible.

Foster care is meant to be a temporary service until the family and in some cases, the child, can address the problems that made placement necessary. But, when parents cannot, or will not, make their home safe for the child’s return, other permanent options are sought. These option include:

  • adoption
  • give custody to relatives
  • independent living arrangements for older youth
  • permanent guardianship to an adult relative, foster parent or another adult with a significant relationship with the child

It is important to note, Tennessee Foster Parents are dually approved to adopt, which means they have the first option of adopting a child they have fostered, or another child who has become eligible for adoption. read more…



Hands on Home Safety

Slips & Falls Prevention tips: Brighten the Lights, Secure the bathroom, guard stairs and steps. Fire & Burn Prevention. Lower the water heater temperature to no higher than 120 degrees F. Put working smoke alarms on every level. Plan and practice a home fire drill at least 2 exits in the home. Poisoning Preventions: read more… (more…)


Safe Blogging: Tips for Teens

Be anonymous. Avoid postings that could help a stranger locate you. Do not give out your last name, dirección, phone numbers, sports teams, the town you live in, and where you hang out. Protect your information. Check to see if your service has a “amigos” list that allows you to decide who can visit your profile or blog. Si es así, allow only people you know and trust. Avoid in-person meetings. Don’t get together with someone you “meet” in a profile or blog unless you are certain of their actual identity. Talk it over with an adult first. Although its still nor risk-free, arrange any meetings in a public place and bring along some friends, your parents, o adulto de confianza. Leer más… (more…)


Parent Mentor Certification

Reaching Families with Special Needs. LifeLine will be presenting a complete series of workshops over the next year that will equip you to advocate for your child. Estas oportunidades de formación le ayudarán a entender mejor los procedimientos de educación especial y otros sistemas de prestación de servicios. Parent Mentor Certification consists of a minimum number of hours of training provided by STEP, LifeLine, and Vanderbilt’s Volunteer Advocacy Project. Una vez que haya completado el entrenamiento, usted asistirá IEP y reuniones uno-a-uno con los padres junto a un mentor entrenado hasta que esté preparado para guiar a otra familia a través del proceso. (more…)


Morning Star Ministries, Inc.

Transition for adolescence to adulthood is a complicated process for any young person and their family. For young adults with developmental disabilities, the challenges may be even more difficult and complex. Morning Star Ministries addresses these important issues in an effort to remove barriers and increase opportunities. Planning is a case-by-case situation with the goals of maximizing independence, lifelong functioning, and quality of life. We need your helping hands… Leer más… (more…)


Achieve Learning Center

An intensive language-based early intervention, pre-readiness and kindergarten program. Serves children with a diversity of language needs in an inclusive comprehensive program with typically developing children. Our program provides a nurturing learning environment that enhances the child’s development in the following areas: read more… (more…)


Speech-language Pathology

Management of Communication Problems Including: Articulation, voice, Fluency (tartamudeo), strokes and head injuries, delayed speech and language, neurological diseases, laryngectomy, tongue thrust, oral apraxia, swallowing disorders, accents and dialects. Leer más… (more…)