LifeLine Launches First Responder Training

LifeLine™ Launches SNAP First Responder Training
SNAP  – Special Needs Awareness Program

Chattanooga, Tennessee: LifeLine™ launched its new Special Needs Awareness Program (“SNAP”) on Monday, January 9, 2017, with the first of a planned multi week training for the Chattanooga Fire Department.  For several years training and information on specific diagnoses or disability groups has been available to first responders, but this is the first time first responders will be trained with general disability information covering a multitude of different diagnoses, scenarios, and circumstances.

For co-authors Lisa Mattheiss and Skyler Phillips, this is a personal mission. 

Welcome Intern Kate Moreau!

Kate Moreau croppedMy name is Kate Moreau and I am a junior at Covenant College, where I am studying elementary education. I am originally from Wheaton, Illinois but have lived in the Chattanooga area since I started at Covenant a few years ago.
I came to Covenant with the intention of becoming a public elementary school teacher, but that all changed last summer. On a bit of a whim (I knew a little bit about special education from a class at Covenant, but that was really it), I applied for an internship at Jill’s House, a Christian respite center for kids with exceptionalities near Washington, DC. After spending just about two months with the kids and getting to dip my toes in the world of special needs, I realized
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Facilitating Emotional Regulation Supplemental Resources

On Thursday evening, January 27, 2017, LifeLine families came together at our northwest Georgia FamilyShare support group and discussed ways to facilitate our children’s emotional regulation at home and at school. Lisa Mattheiss shared ideas and resources that she and Michal Jones had collected in their years of working with families in Chattanooga and northwest Georgia.  You can find the notes for that presentation here.  After a break, the group reconvened.  Families began to share various challenges and solutions, outlining resources, strategies, and websites that had worked for them in various emotionally challenging situations.  They also offered their own observations based on personal circumstances.

Here is a list of many of the ideas and suggestions that were provided by our families:   (more…)


Lessons from A Different Path

Crystal Horner, Chattanooga, TN

On January 2nd, 2008 I woke up in a hospital room with a small view of the rising sun. I had been up earlier that night giving birth to my first child. Hudson James Horner was born a bit abruptly as I had gotten an upper respiratory infection and had been sick for several days. That morning I felt time slow down enough for me to enjoy the momentous reality that every new mother wants to remember.

I knew I had been sick and I knew it was hard to breathe; I also knew my newborn was whisked away to the NICU because he was born premature. I only got to give him a small kiss before he left. (more…)