Meaningful Ministry for Those with Disabilities

Stephanie Hubach, author of Same Lake Different Boat, is also mom to Tim.  Stephanie took the month of October to share some thoughts about Down Syndrome and various ways that it has impacted Tim as well as ways Tim has effected people’s view of  the abilities of someone with Down Syndrome.

Post #8:  Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Meaningful Ministry

It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking about “ministry to” instead of “ministry alongside” when we look at people with noticeable disabilities, like those in our lives who have Down syndrome. This “heads south” in so many ways–for all of us. We miss out on being ministered to in profound ways that capture our attention like nothing else. We miss out on the blessing of participating in God’s rich tapestry of unique gifts in the body of Christ. And, worst of all,