The IEP Team Process

IEP Team Process Video Series
IEP season is upon us.  Everyone seems to be preparing for their IEP meetings.  Educators and parents alike are planning the document that will provide the guidance for their child’s education into the next school year.  Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center has created some good video explanations of the IEP Process.  As you watch, keep in mind that not all of their forms will be identical to Tennessee or Georgia’s forms, but the federal laws they discuss will be the same.

Supports, Modifications, and Accommodations for Students

“For many students with disabilities—and for many without—the key to success in the classroom lies in having appropriate adaptations, accommodations, and modifications made to the instruction and other classroom activities.”

Emily on computer at school“Adaptations, accommodations, and modifications need to be individualized for students, based upon their needs and their personal learning styles and interests.  It is not always obvious what adaptations, accommodations, or modifications would be beneficial for a particular student, or how changes to the curriculum, its presentation, the classroom setting, or student evaluation might be made. This page is intended to help teachers and others find information that can guide them in making appropriate changes in the classroom based on what their students need.”

How Educators & Support Professionals Can Help Families

Barbara Doyle and Emily Doyle Iland provide some great ideas to aid educators and support professionals in making a real difference as they support families affected by special needs.  While this article was written about families affected by autism spectrum diagnoses, the ideas here can actually apply to most families regardless of the diagnosis involved.   These ideas can be found at John Hopkins School of Education.



Resource Review: The Caregiver’s Notebook

Caregivers Notebook Resource Review: The Caregiver’s Notebook by Jolene Philo

After just a few months of caregiving for a medically complex child, I had tried several different ways to organize Emily’s information before I arrived at a method that has now worked for us for many years.  Recently Jolene Philo shared with LifeLine her new resource, The Caregiver’s Notebook, and I know it will be helpful for many families facing the same confusion that I did in those early days.

The Caregiver’s Notebook is a spiral notebook with multiple divisions for organizing various types of records in one handy location.  Each topical division or chapter is tabbed for quick and easy access.   Let’s take a quick tour and I’ll point out the highlights and some things that caught my attention because of my own documentation needs.



Joyce Herzog – Legacy of Educating Children with Special Needs

JoyceHerzogJoyce Herzog is a gifted teacher and author of many educational products that simplify teaching for you and learning for your students. Joyce taught classrooms of learning disabled students in private and public schools for many years and has been working with homeschooling families for two decades.  She has addressed rapt  audiences of appreciative parents and teachers all across the United States and Canada.  Joyce continues to reach the world through her  writing, tutoring in her local area and long-distance email and telephone consultations.

✦ Dr. Joyce Herzog holds a permanent professional certificate to teach K-8 with an endorsement in Learning Disabilities.

✦ She taught elementary and learning disabled students for twenty-five years in public and private schools.

✦ Joyce has served homeschoolers through speaking, authoring, and consultations for more than twenty-five years. (more…)


TRICARE Comprehensive Autism Demonstration

US-TRICARE-LogoThe TRICARE Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration (Autism Care Demo) covers applied behavior analysis (ABA) for all TRICARE beneficiaries diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

  • The demonstration started on July 25, 2014.
  • It will end on December 31, 2018.

To learn more about the Autism Care Demonstration and download a 4 page detailed Fact Sheet click here.


Speech Language & Reading Center

he Speech Language Reading Center offers innovative brain-based therapy blended with traditional approaches, resulting in the most efficient outcomes, available for children, adolecents, and adults diagnosed with aphasia, apraxia, speech disorders, auditory processing deficits, stuttering, learning disabilities and language disorders.  Testing and services provided for those who are late talking, stuttering, or who have auditory processing or phonological awareness challenges.  Those who have voice concerns or who are post-stroke may require speech and language services.

Speech Language Reading Center



Amaze Behavior Therapy

Amaze behavior therapyAt Amaze Behavior Therapy, we believe that every child is unique and therefore needs an individualized approach based on their specific needs and strengths.  As such, we offer an array of behavior therapy components, all based upon the concepts and principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), including but not limited to Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Natural Environment Training (NET), Incidental Teaching (IT), Privotal Reponse Training (PRT), and the Verbal Behavior approach (VB).



Stellar Therapy

Stellar Therapy is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They serve the Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia areas. Their services include occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language therapy staffing for all settings. There is also an outpatient pediatric clinic, and there is administrative assistance for Medicaid reimbursement in schools across the state of Tennessee. Stellar Therapy Services (more…)


AYSO VIP – Special Needs Soccer Program

We are starting a special needs soccer program in Chattanooga that will have a spring and fall season, and if we can find an indoor facility we will have a winter season too!  If you would please share the attached information with your organization, as we provide more opportunities for the special needs community.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  For more details about the program , please see this flyer  AYSO VIPAd_FullPg_color
Roddey M. Coe

Regional Commissioner
AYSO Chattanooga


Chattanooga Autism Conference 2015

Chattanooga Autism Conference 2015
REGISTER EARLY! And, help us spread the word by forwarding this to people in your network!
For registration instructions:



Resources from Alternative Options

Fruits & Veggies  Many of us are in the same boat.  We are raising children with special needs.  The problem is, they didn’t come with a manual and there are things that happen with them that we can’t explain, medicine can’t explain, and mainstream medicine can’t always cure.  Our purpose at our last FamilyShare support group meeting was to share some potential solutions and possible alternative product options.  Our goal was for people to leave with information, resources, and options to consider.  DISCLAIMER: These are some of the things that have worked for some families.  These are not the only things that work, and they may not work for everyone.  Please talk with your healthcare team about any additions/changes you make to your life. (more…)


Partners In Policymaking


The Partners in Policymaking Leadership Institute is a leadership, advocacy and self-advocacy training program for adults with disabilities and family members of persons with disabilities from across the state, sponsored by the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities.


Attend information sessions by local and national experts in the disability field on a variety of disability-related topics, including employment, building inclusive communities and classrooms, the state and federal legislative processes, supported and independent living, assistive technology, strategies for advocates and conducting effective meetings. (more…)