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Turning Life’s Lemons into Lemonade: On Display

“Summer.  For special needs families it’s not just a season of humidity but a season of humility.  God always uses summer to once again reiterate how much I need Him every second of every day to walk this journey out. I’m slowly learning to embrace this season because I know God is working in me, but it is hard….”

Beth Bailey goes on to describe some things she has struggled with and yet, been encouraged by, this summer.

“After this experience I have such a different perspective on being the family on display in public.  (Not that I enjoy it any better). 

Occupational Diploma Information Sheet

 From the Disability Coalition on Education…


What is the Occupational Diploma?

The Occupational Diploma is one of three diploma options for students graduating/exiting high school; the other two options include a regular high school diploma (full diploma) or a special education diploma

  • The Occupational Diploma IS NOT the equivalent of a regular high school diploma (full diploma) nor is it the equivalent of any certification; a student receiving one will not be eligible for standard four-year university programs or entrance into the military
  • The Occupational Diploma is intended to have a stronger focus on vocational/career outcomes and may be useful for students with disabilities who pursue employment after exiting high school

Who is eligible to receive it?

Journey Educational Services

Journey Educational ServicesJourney Educational Services, Inc.

Luronda Jennings, Executive Director



Journey Educational Services provides educational support and supplemental services to students and young adults with disabilities to assist with obtaining a more confident, efficient, and productive way of life.  The mission of JES is to enrich, educate, and elevate school-aged students and young adults that are challenged with mild to moderate disabilities, as well as educate their parents/guardians on how to be an effective support system that will assist in elevation and lifelong productivity.

Find more information on JES Facebook page.


Every Kid in a Park: Free Park Admission

To help engage and create our next generation of park visitors, supporters and advocates, we are kicking off the Every Kid in a Park initiative. The immediate goal is to provide an opportunity for each and every 4th grade student across the country to experience their public lands and waters in person throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

Beginning September 1st, 2015 you will have access to your own Every Kid in a Park pass. This pass will give you free access to national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and more!


Helen Ross McNabb Center

HRMCHelen Ross McNabb Center of McMinn County is a regional, not-for-profit integrated system of mental health, substance abuse, and social services.   HRMC offers a range of comprehensive services to children, adults and families.   HRMC is located in Athens, TN but services and programs are provided in over 21 counties through the East Tennessee Region. Services include individual and family therapy, psychotropic medication evaluation and management, community based case management.  Services are designed for the express purpose of helping people live successfully in their own communities.  HRMC embraces the use of co-occurring treatment practice for individuals who experience both mental health and addiction issues. 

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FamilyShare TN: Pick Lisa's Brain!

I've had a lot of people tell me "If I just had some time to pick your brain!" so thinkinghere's your chance! Our first support group of the year will be "Pick Lisa's Brain!" Do you have questions about laws, resources, or another topic? Bring your questions and we'll work through them on August 24th.

Keep in mind that we have now moved our Tennessee FamilyShare Support Group to Stanley Heights Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. Stanley Heights is at 1512 McBrien Road in East Ridge. Stanley Heights is wheelchair accessible and parking is easier than downtown, too. Hope you'll plan to join us!

Special thanks to Kyra Hill, Thirty-One Consultant, who will be sponsoring and supplying our meal for the night. Thanks, Kyra!

FamilyShare is LifeLine’s monthly Support Group Meeting open to families regardless of their child’s diagnosis or age. Join us for a quiet meal, listen to a representative from a local resource share information about their organization, how to get services, and answer questions from families. Find others who share the same struggles and joys! Join FamilyShare!

Price: Free Event

Date: August 24, 2015


Stanley Heights Baptist Church McBrien Road
1512 McBrien Road
East Ridge, TN
37412 Map and Directions

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Volunteer Advocacy Project: Parent Mentor Training/Certification Week 1

VAP handsA training program for individuals who are willing to become mentors for families navigating the special education process.




TRAINING WILL COVER:        The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, State law, The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation ActREQUIREMENTS: Attend all 12 (3 hour) sessions and Mentor/Advocate for 4 families of children with disabilities after completing the trainingFee: $30 for materials

The training is held once a year in multiple sites across the state.



5:00 P.M. (CST) - 8:00 P.M. (CST)

▪ September 2 ▪ October 14

▪ September 9 ▪ October 21

▪ September 16 ▪ October 28

▪ September 23 ▪ November 4

▪ September 30 ▪ November 11

▪ October 7 ▪ November 18


The training is conducted in-person at Vanderbilt University and via video conference to other sites (LifeLine, Inc. in Chattanooga) across the state. Distance sites must have at least three participants.


Applications are due by August 26, 2015.

To apply online go to:

Interested in taking the VAP but not free on Wednesday nights?  Go to this link to be first on our list the next time the training is offered:


To request a paper application or get more information, contact:  Maria Mello at or Samantha Goldman at, 615-953-9623

Price: $30.00

Date: September 2, 2015

LifeLine, Inc.
LifeLine, Inc. 1400 McCallie Avenue Suite 112
Chattanooga, TN
37404 Map and Directions

Available Spaces: Unlimited