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Resource Books for Those Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Here is a list of books that have helped me as a caregiver for a family member with Alzheimer’s.

While I Still Can by Rick Phelps
The 36 Hour Day by Nancy L. Mace and Peter V. Rabins from Johns Hopkins
Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s by Robert N. Butler
Life With Alz by Mildred Kay Thomas
Coach Broyles’ Playbook for Alzheimer’s Caregivers by Frank Broyles
The Hedge People by Louise Carey
Caring for Mother -n A Daughter’s Long Goodbye
When Your Aging Parent Needs Care by Candy Arrington and Kim Atchley
Sunsets by Deborah Howard
The Final Mile by Faye Landrum

Submitted by Vicki Bennett
(Thanks, Vicki, for sharing!)

Tax Breaks for Families with Special Needs

Piggy Bank sitting on top of pile of penniesThere’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and the odds of winning the lottery aren’t exactly in your favor. Tax breaks, though, may be something you can bank on.  Here are some tips for families with members who have special needs. (From Military One-Source)

  1. Make sure you claim all eligible dependents
  2. Explore adoption credit
  3. Try to recoup child and dependent care expenses
  4. Explore the Earned Income Tax Credit
  5. Explore the Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled
  6. Find out whether you can claim medical or dental expenses

    Find out more about each option as well as find the IRS Publication where the details are found by going to

“I Want It Now!” How to Challenge a False Sense of Entitlement in Kids

I think that sometimes there is a greater temptation for parents of kids with special needs to fall into this trap even more than parents of typically developing kids.  “He works so hard to do this, that I’ll make it easy on him to do that.” or “She has special needs, so I can’t expect the same thing as I do from my typically developing child (or student)”  Grace and an alternate path to success may need to be applied to achieve similar high expectations, but giving in every time puts the child and the parent (or teacher) at risk in the long run.

“So how do you challenge that false sense of entitlement in kids, and why is it so important to do so? I believe it’s critical to challenge them because once your child grows up and goes out into the real world, he will have to work for what he wants, just like everyone else. So as a parent, it’s important that you teach your child the value of hard work and earning things. He needs to really see that integral connection between making an effort and achieving success. Conversely, when things are handed to your child, the message he’s getting is, “You don’t need to do anything—everything will be given to you in life just because you’re you.”

Read more at :

What Happens to My Child When Something Happens to Me?


After their presentation, Jeffery Babb and Martin Pierce answered questions posed by families.

Thanks to Attorney Martin Pierce (Martin Pierce Law) and Financial Planner Jeffery Babb (Battleground Financial Advisors) for spending a couple of hours with our families last night sharing the details of a Special Needs or Supplemental Needs Trusts, Guardianship, Conservatorship, and other estate planning topics.  Both men have more than 20 years experience in their fields and willingly share their knowledge.

More Than Love Alone


Many times as caregivers, whether for a parent, spouse, or child, we feel like the sole responsibility lies on our shoulders.  Sometimes it needs to, but sometimes, it doesn’t need to.  Asking for help is part of learning to be an effective caregiver.

“I was ready to accept that I needed help, that asking for help was the most loving thing I could do for my husband and our marriage.”

Reading this couple’s story gives much food for thought. More Than Love Alone

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Chattanooga Scale Modelers Show 2015

Chattanooga Scale ModelersJoin the Chattanooga Scale Modelers for their day long model show on February 7th.  LifeLine will be there with a booth to share information about our services.  If you have an interest in connecting with other scale modelers, whether your interest is model cars, trains, planes, tanks, or figures, sign up for a couple hours for a chance to go to the show and share your experiences with LifeLine at the same time.  There is no cost to volunteers.  Families are welcome to come as well to the show for make-and-take and other activities for parents/children.  Families who come as attendees must pay at the door.  For more information on the show, click here.

Price: Free Event

Date: February 7, 2015

Chattanooga Convention Center

Chattanooga, Tennessee Map and Directions

Available Spaces: 11

Special Education Rights Overview

Join us at the Hatch's House Support Group to learn more about special education services.
We will be speaking at the support group meeting for families affected by pediatric cancer at Hatch's House.   LifeLine will be sharing an overview of the services that are provided byAustin Hatcher Foundation both LifeLine and STEP, Inc.  A quick overview of special education rights will also be covered.  For more details about the support group, contact Bryan Humphreys at Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer at 423-243-3471.



Price: Free Event

Date: February 9, 2015

Hatch's House of Hope
979 East 3rd Street, Suite C-232
Chattanooga, TN
37403 Map and Directions

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Special Education Basic Rights Workshop

stack_of_booksThis workshop is designed for parents of children in special education or that might need special education. Come and gain a working knowledge of special education laws, including eligibility for an IEP, and your role in the development of an appropriate education program (IEP) and how to be an effective partner with the school team in the process.  If you have recently received a diagnosis or have a child just transitioning from the early intervention program into the school system, this workshop will be especially helpful.  This parent training event is the foundation for all of the other special education law trainings that LifeLine provides.
RSVP to 423-622-4007 or or on this page.

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Price: Free Event

Date: February 10, 2015

LifeLine, Inc.
LifeLine, Inc.
1400 McCallie Avenue Suite 112
Chattanooga, TN
37404 Map and Directions

Available Spaces: 22