The Fruits and Veggies Guide to Good T.A.S.T.E….For Kids

Hey Kids…You Know fruit and veggies are good for you because they are loaded with important things you need to grow.  T-try something new! A-all forms count! S-snack smart.  Read more…  T- take charge, E-Energize.  Growing kids need to eat a colorful variety of fruits and veggies to get the broadest range of nutrients.  Don’t forget the most important rule-set a good example!  Parents and caregivers who eat more fruits and veggies are more likely to have kids that eat more fruits and veggies!  Control your weight–take charge–choose fruits and veggies.  Fight disease–colorful fruits and veggies are cool fuel for your body!  Get moving–eat, play win with fruits and veggies!



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