Who will care for my loved one with a disability when I am gone?  What is PLAN of Tennessee?  PLAN of Tennessee is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) agency, like those already operating in twenty-two states, which provides: care for your family member who is disabled.  Continuity of services after family has died or is unable to continue.  A focus on issues that will continue to be important throughout the lifetime of the work, financial resources, social activities, and reliable healthcare.  PLAN TN will: read more…Locate families interested in PLAN TN, Engage qualified staff and volunteers to provide needed services, engage, as needed, legal, medical and administrative advisors, regularly report to families PLAN TN services provided to the beneficiary and the financial status of the beneficiary’s Trust.  Individual with disability ($5), Individuals/Families ($25), and Corporations ($100).  More information please visit their website at

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