Follow Up Resources for Special Needs Trust

In January and February, Martin Pierce & Jeffery Babb made presentations to both our Tennessee and Georgia support groups sharing information Martin - Walker Presentationabout Special Needs Trusts, Conservatorships, Guardianships, Powers of Attorney and other related resources.  Below are listed some of the resources which were referenced in those events as well as some additional Georgia-specific resources shared by Walker County Parent Mentor Michal Jones.

What I Learned From Homeschooling Anna

Did you ever wonder how parents of kids with extensive lists of diagnoses and therapies ever homeschool?  Amanda Alexander, mom to Anna, homeschools successfully in spite of Anna’s major diagnoses of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,  Oppositional Defiant Disorder, plus more than a dozen others. Anna has had many  therapies- speech, ESOL, OT, ABA, DBT, CBT, EMDR, etc, but Amanda says “If I can do this, anyone can!”  As she looks back today, I asked Amanda to share some wisdom from her journey with Anna…

On this day 3 years ago, I started homeschooling our oldest daughter for the first time. I set up a classroom at home that was similar to public school and enrolled her in gymnastics, homeschool PE at the YMCA, homeschool co-op at a local church, and she continued dance classes (ballet & tap) she was already enrolled in.  It was TOO much for our daughter.  The reason we withdrew her from public school was because it (set up, class placement, etc.) wasn’t working with her early childhood history of neglect, abuse, and institutionalization in Russia prior to adoption.  Why did I think duplicating the public school at home would help? I meant well back then but I’ve learned a lot over time!! 

Special Touch Ministry – Summer Camp

Special_Touch_Ministry,_IncA Special Touch Chapter is a faith-based friendship support group with regular meetings. Special Touch Chapters enrich the lives of people with disabilities through the exchange of helpful information, resources, mentorship, encouragement, and opportunities for fun and friendship.

Special Touch Getaways in multiple states, including Georgia.

Special Touch Ministry Camp


7 Stages of Grief for Special Needs Parent

Processing the emotions of a diagnosis of special needs of any kind looks different for different families.  Here is one parent who sees 7 stages of processing grief.


AIR Labs: Afterschool Web Development Opportunity

So many of our kids with special needs have an affinity for technology.  This could be a potential opportunity to learn how to use that gift to develop skills for employment and a career.

“A.AIR LabsI.R. stands for Aspire, Imagine, and Reason: the three qualities we strive to instill in our youth.

A.I.R. Labs is an afterschool program that teaches website development for students ages 12-18. We’re based in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee, and we’re supporting a new generation of local creators, coders, developers, and engineers who will share their talents with the world.

A.I.R. runs for 8 weeks, 2 times a week. We encourage students to find the balance between individual and collaborative creativity, to challenge themselves, and to explore ideas freely.”

Visit AIR Labs.


Skyuka Hall

Skyuka Hall“Skyuka Hall is an accredited Tennessee Category One school located at the foot of Signal Mountain. We are a K-8 school serving students from Chattanooga and surrounding areas and dedicated to serving students with learning differences and academic challenges. Every student here is unique and to ensure their success we have a 1:4 teacher to student ratio during our core Hill Center Programs and a 1:8 ratio for our other programs. We strive to have every student reach their full potential, regardless of label, challenges, or confidence level. We believe that every child can learn and be successful”.

Learn more at Skyuka Hall.


Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership

Georgia Parent Mentor PartnershipParent-Mentors-Logo_final-01-300x90

Although the specific job descriptions and work plans may vary slightly from one school district to another, mentor’s work is focused on enhancing communication and collaboration between families, schools, and communities in order to improve outcomes for students with disabilities and their families.

Families: Parent mentors provide information and resources to parents of students with disabilities on a variety of topics and issues related to home, school, and community.

Schools: Mentors also work with teachers, staff, and administrators to integrate family engagement into school and district activities and to build a culture in which family engagement is expected and valued.

Communities: Parent mentors also work to support integration of students with disabilities into the community by working with partners to build a community in which students with disabilities are included and valued.

Meet local Parent Mentors…



Turning Point (Family) Camp

Turning Point Camp“Parenting Camp for Families Raising Children with Behavior Challenges

Currently, Turning Point Camp takes place twice per year. These week-long family camps are designed to help families connect and help challenging children redirect their paths. This program is designed for children ages 4-12. The focus of camp is to renew, recharge, and empower each parent and child with effective techniques to increase love and laughter in their homes. Skill-building interventions are taught and practiced to build trust, honesty, self-control, and conscience development for each child.



Pathway For Healing


“Pathway for Healing’s Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Pathway for Healing envisions that every wounded child have a strong and healthy family, equipped to facilitate healing.

Our Mission

By using proven research and effective methods, we will provide attachment focused support, resources, education, and training for families and the professionals who support them.



Dr. Ronald Federici – Care for Children International, Inc.

Ronald Federici“Care For Children International, Inc., under the Directorship of Board Certified Dr. Ronald Federici (father to eight internationally adopted children), maintains an international reputation in the assessment and treatment of the most complicated neuropsychological, developmental and brain traumatic disorders.

Care For Children International, Inc. is committed to providing the most comprehensive evaluation and state-of-the-art treatment services for children having the “full range” of Developmental and Psychiatric Disorders. Conditions such as autistic spectrum disorders; complex learning and attentional disorders; minimal brain dysfunction conditions; severe disruptive and behavioral disorders; chronic psychiatric disorders ; attachment-related disorders; post-traumatic stress disorders (following abuse and neglect from early childhood experiences); and chronic stress affecting family functioning.



Center for Attachment Resources & Enrichment

Center for Attachment Resources and Enrichment

     Address  534 Medlock Road, Suite 201, Decatur, GA 30030

Counties Served – All MetroContact Names – Barbara Fisher,M.S. and Janice Turber,M.Ed.

Phone 404-371-4045

Insurance – Yes

Service Description – Services include Specialized Attachment Therapy for families and children, couples, and adults. Child Placement Recommendations, Quantitative EEG, Neurotherapy, Parent Training, Parent Group Support and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

Experience – Has experience with adoptive and foster children.


Mental Health Georgia

Mental Health Georgia is a multi-faceted community mental health agency serving the residents of Georgia. We provide an extensive array of mental health services for both children and adults.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality, easily accessible services for Georgians, focused on promoting mental and emotional well being through personal and professional development, family preservation, resource coordination and individualized treatment.”


• EAP Workplace based services
• Treatment for traumatized, attachment resistant children and adolescents
• Advocacy
• Comprehensive Trauma and Attachment Assessments
• Parent Training
• EEG Biofeedback
• QEEG Assessments and Evaluation


Health Connect America

Personalized Counseling Services for Children, Adults & Families At-Risk

Health Connect America logo
At-risk youth and their families face serious issues including grief, abandonment, anger management, substance abuse and family conflict. At Health Connect America, our programs are designed to address these issues, to support the preservation of families and to improve the lives of children-at-risk and their families.  Services are designed to address the following needs and more: Alcohol & Drug Assessments, In Home Counseling, Sex Offender Treatment, Children with Sexual Behavior Problems, Domestic Violence, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Behaviors, Attachment Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Depression, Parenting Education, Grief Counseling.  Assistance with Transportation Coordination, School Advocacy and Support, Inter-Agency Coordination.

We currently offer a wide, comprehensive range of services, including: (more…)


Project ACCESS

Project AccessNeed Health Care?

No Insurance?

Call Project ACCESS

If you live in Hamilton County, have an income below 150% of the poverty level, have a health problem, and don’t have insurance, Project ACCESS may be able to help you receive the health care you need.  Project ACCESS works in cooperation with area Health Centers.  Patients can be seen at these participating health centers regardless of income; charges may be based on a sliding scale.  For specific income guidelines and fee schedules, contact the individual clinics.  If you need specialty care or hospital care, your primary care home will refer you to Project ACCESS.

For eligibility requirements and participating clinics, contact Project ACCESS.


Next Steps at Vanderbilt University

Educational experiences beyond high school

Vandy Next Steps“Next Steps at Vanderbilt University is a 2-year nonresidential certification program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing individualized Programs of Study in the areas of education, social skills, and vocational training.

Next Steps at Vanderbilt is now a Comprehensive Transition Program designated by the U.S. Dept. of Education. This status recognizes the program’s merits and allows eligible students to apply for Federal Financial Aid for tuition assistance. (more…)


Shepherd’s College

“Shepherds College is a three-year post-secondary educational program that assists young adults with intellectual disabilities in successfully transitioning from school to work, and from home to independent living.shepherds-college

We are one of only a few resources for students with intellectual disabilities in the nation. Students at Shepherds College receive education, skills training and support to successfully bridge the gap from school and home to Appropriate Independence.

Along with studies in the Culinary Arts and Horticultural Studies, Shepherds College offers a general education program that is focused on helping the students develop skills they will need for everyday life. This curriculum contains five main categories of learning: (more…)